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Ernest Bryden


About Ernest:

I’m Ernest Bryden, a Thai Massage Practitioner from Scotland.

I’m passionate about this work and want to make it available to as many people as possible.

Ultimately, I’m here to change the world, as I believe many of us are, and I’m committed to discovering my gifts, and working with others who feel as deeply about it/the world.

My Great Great Great uncle was Scottish Blacksmith Kirkpatrick MacMillan, the inventor of the bicycle.  “He builded better than he knew”

I hold a black sash in Lau Gar kung fu, and I recently climbed Ben Nevis, and ran the London Marathon, (obviously not all on the same day).

Sacred Thai Massage Offering:

Mini Sessions (30 minutes) – £19
1-hour Sessions  – £35
90 mins Sessions  – £50 (an incredible £10 discount off the full price)

Traditional Thai Massage (fully clothed on a futon mat)

I work intuitively through sen lines (sen = chi, Ki, Qi, Prana, or life force) to balance and improve energy flow in the body.  I use many techniques and stretches, some resembling yoga. I use my hands, feet, knees, and elbows, with sensitivity and power.  The result is an overall increase in energy flowing throughout the body, as well as relaxation from releasing any blocked energy.

Through my work I offer people a safe space to come out of hiding and be seen, and ultimately for their soul to be seen.  This is soul work.

Every client is treated in a Sacred way.

Thai Foot Massage (done seated with feet on a foot rest)

Foot massage stimulates reflex points on the feet and energy points on the feet and lower legs.  It is wonderfully relaxing and has therapeutic effects throughout the whole body.

My Web Address:

How people can contact me:  email:

Brent Shaub


About Brent 

I am proud to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner who educates through the felt sense the remarkable differences improved medical physics makes on actualizing potential.  Free from injury until a car accident, suddenly more injuries piled onto one another, leading my life into a standstill.

Thanks to the patience, precision and self-direction which hallmark the Feldenkrais Method, I’m able to enjoy so many aspects of a new life, complete with travel, sports, recreation and self-expression.  Born with a hearing-loss, I pay significant attention when understanding speech, and I suspect that focus fosters a deeper sensitivity when communicating through touch.  I’ve been recovering lost abilities since 2000 by practicing on myself, and my profession is an overflow.

How to Contact Brent:


Schedule is at http://EmbodyWisdom.Today/about/schedule.cfm (each time slot has link to Request a booking that prefills an email with date and time)


Brent’s Sessions:

Sessions improve motor functioning through touch that is sensitive and adaptive to your individual needs.  Learning takes place directly from experience, granting the opportunity to make permanent change via tactile education.  Lying comfortably, I will support your legs, shoulders or head with my hands, offsetting your weight temporarily for your body to feel what residual, muscular work happens as a part of what feels normal.  How much of this effort is unnecessary, from cultural impositions how to sit, stand or carry one’s self, from trauma and subconscious bracing, from being sedentary?

Guided by the tenets of mindfulness meditation (non-striving, non-judging, acceptance, letting go, beginner’s mind, trust and patience), I work with what your body already knows and integrate your existing skills into areas less clear.

This subtle-but-profound strategy respects pain as a teacher to find another way, go smaller, go slower, so the mind-body has an opportunity to connect peacefully, without armour.  From awareness of how to move safely with less effort, life takes on a different trajectory.

Individual hands-on sessions:
30 min ~ £40
60 min ~ £65
90 min ~ £90
120 min ~ £110

Carole George


About Carole

My passion is to support you to create space in your life to allow more living! 

With a background in catering, as a carer, and in financial accounting, I have gain many skills to apply to all aspects of life.  My own personal journey has offered opportunities to see into the depths, whilst my natural optimism and joy of life allows me to see blessings in dark places.

Through my life journey from childhood, early adulthood and through to maturity, I have experienced life events that proved to be deeply powerful initiations into my sexual power, my intuition and my personal power as a woman.

I have a deep connection to the Lands of Scotland and have spent many happy times climbing, walking and mountaineering in all weather conditions.  Through this, I have connected to my own capacity for being present, for solution findingenthusiasmtenacity and connecting with the pure joy of life, even in the face of a Force 10 gale!  I bring these forward in service to all those who are drawn to work with me. 

I open an invitation to a safe and sacred space within which to reclaim your own Truth and your Zest For Life. 

I have a deep connection with the lands of Scotland and have spent over 40 years in the mountains – walking, climbing, mountaineering and skiing. The mountains gave me a space to find myself and also allowed me to connect with something far greater than I could imagine in those days. I recognise now that, on some of those special days when I felt at one with the mountain environment, I was connecting with The Divine.

I now feel as though I am on the course that was meant for me when I arrived in the World, in this fabulous physical body. It’s been a very circuitous journey but one that has enriched my life so much. I’ve experienced the darkest of places, I’ve used many coping mechanisms and I’ve also experienced the joy that comes from finding the true essence of self.

I bring all this forward in service to all of those who are drawn to work with me.

Contact Details

My website is:

My mobile number is 07876-742-059

Should you wish to arrange a session whilst you’re at the Festival, please come and speak to me or leave a voice mail or text on the number noted above. I will be checking my phone between presentations.

My Sessions

At Scotland’s Second Festival of Consciousness, I will be offering sessions in Sacred De-armouring and in Tender Loving Touch.

Sacred Dearmouring

Do you wish that Life felt easier? That you weren’t dragging the weight of the World around with you? Why not start shedding that protective armour and reconnecting with the Joy in Life?

Sacred Dearmouring is an intense process that helps you release the pain and trauma that is stored within your body. In these sessions, we will engage with everything that comes up and will work together, in partnership, to help you release this armour and begin the process of change and growth.

Benefits include:

* Allowing you to transform your life by letting go of the limitations that you have imposed upon yourself.

* A greater connection to your own Divine self which will enable you to connect more deeply with others.

* Unlocking your own potential and beginning to live fully in your Power

* An awareness of the gifts that can be found once you have integrated the experiences that have been holding you back

* Significant improvements in your health, vitality and energy

* A much deeper connection to your sexual power and the realisation that you are a radiant, sexual Being.

Sessions are charged at £100 per hour – £70/hour for the festival

These sessions are carried out on a futon with both of us remaining fully clothed throughout.

I would suggest that you wear loose, comfortable clothing for these sessions.

Tender Loving Touch

Touch is the first sense we acquire, and it nurtures us through life. How many of us receive the levels of touch we need in order to thrive? It has been suggested that all of us should give or receive a minimum of 12 hugs per day.

How many hugs did you receive today? How many hugs did you give?

Touch is fundamental to our overall physical and emotion well-being, and for that reason I am happy to offer sessions where you will receive touch to a level that you are comfortable with.

I will hold you in a space of unconditional love and will gently hug, hold, cradle and caress according to your own desires. I will hold your hand, stroke your hair or caress your back – all you have to do is ask.

This space also allows you to explore what touch nurtures you, what touch you enjoy and what touch you would like to explore.

I would suggest that you wear loose, comfortable clothing for these sessions.

Sessions are charged at £100 per hour – £70 per hour for the festival

Please note that these sessions involve no massage and that we will both remain fully clothed throughout the session.