Exploring Oedipus: parent and child


“The mother-child relationship is paradoxical and, in a sense, tragic. It requires the most intense love on the mother’s side, yet this very love must help the child grow away from the mother, and to become fully independent”. ~ Erich Fromm


We carry the imprint of our relationships with our mothers and our fathers into our relationships as adults.  And we carry the transition from our mother’s ‘Little Darling’ into adult man or ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ into adult woman.  In this day we will explore how we embody this relationship and express it in our relating to others.

The relationship between mothers and sons is a complex one, as depicted in the myth of Oedipus.  What makes a ‘good mother’? What are a son’s needs from a mother? Privacy?  Independence?  Love?  Understanding? Authenticity? Respect?  Autonomy and power and control of their own life?  Are these not also the needs of any child from any parent; mother or father?


This is a day for all adults who have ever been children.

Using story sharing, music, movement, touch, laughter and connection, we will connect to our inner wisdom, and to wisdom of each other, to explore who we are and how we have founded our adult relationships on those relationships we experienced as children.

Held in Yoga Healing Glasgow in Glasgow’s West End
(Unit 7, Mansfield Park, 22 Mansfield Street, G11 5QP)

On Sunday 14th July 2013
between 10:30am and 5:30pm

The fee for the day is £55 or £35 if paid by 12th July

You will help create a sacred space in which you can relax, open, heal, reclaim and support others to do the same.  You will be fully honoured & there will be no pressure to participate.

‘Tantra’ is about connection and it is about being total and present with what is.


The day will be lovingly facilitated by Gillian Alexander and Tom Alexander, embodying the mother and the son, and also Tom’s partner, Camille.

Gillian has been facilitating the Sacred Heart Tantra Group meetings, events & organisation in Scotland for four years & delivering workshops for three of those years.  Her background is mainly in health service facilitation & management and as a shaman, masseuse & Dakini.

Tom is a Law graduate whose passions are creative art, music, travel & surfing.  He is intuitive and highly skilled in communication and social interactions.  His relaxed approach to life allows him to flow through with ease, such that he is fully supported, for example he often finds money lying in the street!

Both mother and son are artful solution finders, motivators & inspirers of others, leading by example in living in their passion with a deep connection to all life.

For further information please contact Gillian by email
on gillian@sacred-touch.co.uk or by phone on 07913 906 343,
or see www.sacred-touch.co.uk/events