Feel Your Flow:


A De-armouring and Creativity Retreat

on the Beautiful Isle of Bute, with Gillian Alexander


You are lovingly invited to this weekend (3-day) retreat in this beautiful setting to peel back some of the layers, and to discover your full potential, your creativity and your flow, whilst held in a safe and sacred space….

De-armouring is a subtle and profound process that helps us release pain and trauma and blockages stored within the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. These can be stored deep within our bodies and, over the years, we build up layers of ‘armour’ to keep the pain hidden and prevent us from having to deal with the source. This process sets up such a disconnection from ourselves and our Truth that it prevents us from living and fulfilling our full potential.

Releasing this armour allows us to transform our lives by letting go of the limitations that we have imposed upon ourselves. This process can help you reconnect with yourself – this in turn will help you reconnect with others and with the joy that is available when we allow ourselves to be open to it. This can be a process of liberation and empowerment.


Have you been feeling stuck or blocked?
Are you
fully expressing your brilliance?
Are you experiencing a sense of financial abundance and full flow of your own creativity?
Clearing the energetic imprint of previous trauma and programming from this life and/or others and integrating it on a physical/cellular level is essential for us to recover our freedom and birthright as radiant and powerful beings!

The retreat is suitable for people who are interested in exploring de-armouring, those who would like to learn the techniques to be able to do exchange treatments with friends and colleagues, and as a foundation for those who would like to go on to deliver de-armouring sessions professionally.  The retreat is specifically designed for everyone, individuals and couples are welcome . . . . this retreat is suitable for absolute beginners, those seeking an opportunity to further their own healing and/or practice as well as practitioners who are interested in expanding and deepening their gifts.

The weekend will be facilitated in a safe and sacred space held by Gillian Alexander of Sacred Touch,
who will be assisted by Carole George of Transform Your Life and Sophia Frelau of Terra Tantra.

For further information about the training contact Gillian.

The retreat will be held in a magnificent country home on the East Coast of the Isle of Bute, Scotland,
starting at 5pm on Friday 25th April and finishing at 10am on Monday 28th April.

Cost including vegetarian meals, prepared together & shared luxury accommodation . . .
£380 full price
Spaces are limited to six people, maximum, for this event
– Your place is secured by full payment of £380.

To book contact Gillian at gillian@sacred-touch.co.uk or by phone on 07913 906 343.

There is a 5% discount for couples participating together






The retreat will be lovingly facilitated by Gillian Alexander.

Gillian has been facilitating training for more than 20 years. She has facilitated the Sacred Heart Tantra Group meetings, events and organisation in Scotland for almost 5 years since she set it up early in 2009. Her background is mainly in science and research (she holds a BSc in Biochemistry and a Masters in Public Health Medicine), in health service facilitation and management and as a shaman, masseuse and Dakini. She is an artful solution finder, motivator and inspirer of others, leading by example in living in her passion and embodying her power. She has studied extensively for the past three years with Dr Kenneth Ray Stubbs to develop her shamanic infrastructure and shamanic functioning and increasingly with Leanne Edwards to support embodiment of this shamanic functioning. She has also studied extensively with Shakti Malan and has taken part in a wide range of training in Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Sexual Healing and Shamanic Practice, including ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) Sacred Sexual Shamanic Practitioner training.





Sacred Space
Demonstration of de-armorouring – back and front of body
(* Emotional Release Techniques & Holotropic Breathwork)
Trigger Points & Physical External De-armouring
Physical touch to activate oxytocin & dopamine
(* Pelvic de-armouring for men and women – including pelvis, pubic bone, penis/vagina & anus)
Movement and creativity exercises

This program is an outline and some content may change to reflect the interests and pace of the group.  *Those items that are bracketted may be included if those in the group desire, or we may spend more time in creative activities ….

There may nudity in this class.

How to prepare . . .
Please come with an open heart, an open mind, a sense of humor, a sense of adventure and most importantly the intention to be fully present!

When to arrive . . .
Each day begins at 10am and concludes between 5 and 6pm with approx 1 hour lunch break.
Practical Exercises may extend into the evenings, and we will begin our programme on Friday evening.
There will be ‘Morning Movement’ each morning before breakfast, which is not compulsory, but highly advantageous and supportive to your process.
Please arrive each morning 10 mins before the scheduled start time.

What is provided . . .
A safe and sacred space for magick to happen.
Meals (which we prepare together), Accommodation, Tea, & Drinking Water

What to bring with you . . .
Loose comfortable clothes that you feel good in, temperatures may vary so bring layers. We will be sitting on the floor, dancing, moving and breathing (and de-armouring) . . .

You are also encouraged to bring:
a journal/notebook and pen
special back support if you need it
yoga mat
musical instruments
any art materials that you are inspired by
blanket (ideally two)/duvet/sleeping bag
two pillows
massage oil

What is required of you . . .
Your full participation!

Accommodation . . .
Included on shared basis (twin rooms).

Meals . . .
Three vegetarian meals a day are provided, which we will prepare together.
Please advise of any special dietary requirements at time of booking.

Booking: Gillian – gillian@sacred-touch.co.uk

Maximum group size: 6

Method of Payment . . .
Either by PayPal (via the payment button below), or by bank transfer (contact Gillian for details)
* Please ensure that all bank charges are deducted from your sending bank so that the full amount is received in GBP
* If you are paying by PayPal, please add an additional £10 pp fee

Private Sessions . . .
Gillian, Carole and Sophia are all available in the Glasgow and Ayrshire area prior to the retreat for Private Shamanic Healing Sessions and/or Sexual Healing.

Single session woman
Single session man
Couple sessions

Sessions may be one on one, one on two or two on two.£100.00 per hour
(one on one or one on two)

£170 per hour
(two on one or two on two – Gillian and a colleague)

For more info regarding private sessions and consultancies please refer to Sacred Touch website:


Welcome, I look forward to ‘Feeling the Flow’ with you!
In One Heart . . .
Love & Blessings,


For further information please contact Gillian by email
on gillian@sacred-touch.co.uk or by phone on 07913 906 343,
or see www.sacred-touch.co.uk/events


I am so looking forward to sharing space with you!