The Celtic Festival of Beltane


A May Day Celebration



We welcome both men and women to join us in a celebration of this time of fertility and new possibilities.This is a time of renewal when the God and the Goddess come together to cocreate that which they choose for themselves.
This Celtic festival celebrates a season of fertility and creativity where the land is at its most potent and promises greatest abundance in the coming year.

Using story telling, music, movement, touch and laughter we will connect to our own inner self, to our inner wisdom, power of our body, and to the connection of sensuality, sexuality and spirituality, and explore how we connect to the woman and to the man in the Self and the Other.

Held in the beautiful indoor and outdoor space of
Shanti Shala Yoga and Wellness Centre, 55 Pleasant Street, Plympton, Massachusetts 02367

On Saturday 27th April 2013

between 10.30am and 6pm

The donation for the day is $100
Or $70 if paid by 20th April 2013

You will help create a sacred space in which you can relax, open, heal, reclaim and support others to do the same.  You will be fully honoured and there will be no pressure to participate.  To honour this celebration please wear your brightest clothing!

The workshop will be lovingly facilitated
by Gillian Alexander of Sacred Touch
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