Sacred Mastery

Standing in Sovereignty, and Embodied Power.


You are lovingly invited to this six-day retreat and into this space of transformation, of integration, of remembering the way and deepening in your sacred mastery. 

At the Celtic festival of Samhain, when the veils are thin, for those who are gatekeepers, and key-holders, and movers and shakers, we will find the mastery within and explore how we express that in our world. 

This retreat for those seeking an opportunity to further their own growth and practice as well as practitioners who are interested in expanding and deepening their gifts.

This is an invitation to those of you who choose to stand in sovereignty and to deepen your connection to Self and All That Is. It is an invitation to remember your connection to power, and wisdom, and wildness …

In our wildness and our truth we are also in mastery. How is it for us to shed all else and to walk in this way – without worry about what others think, without being pushed off centre by what goes on around us, with no attachment to outcome, and always with absolute knowing of the perfection of the process……

How is it when we sense the sanctity of all and our connection to God and Source and to all things …

During these four days we will journey together in a way that serves us best in that moment. We will continue to shed any residual fear, distrust, and doubt, separation, and isolation. We will learn tools to free our bodies to support us fully. We will further shed the layers of protection and armour and develop our perceptive capacities, to sense our own knowing and that of our ancestors and of the land we walk upon, walking in ever greater awareness between the seen and unseen worlds. Reclaiming soul fragments and stepping into sacred mastery in our walk in this world …….

You will know if you are ready for this retreat, though you will at least have attended Awaken to the Sacred, or equivalent.   You already know that all of you is welcome and are holding the same for others, and you are standing in sovereignty in your own life and engaging fully in all of your own process. Individuals and couples of all sexual orientation are welcome.  

This is a unique opportunity to learn and apply shamanic energy medicine practices combined with physical and energetic sacred sexual healing techniques. You are invited into this beautiful setting to peel back the layers, and to discover your sacred mastery held in a safe and sacred space …..

The week will be facilitated in a safe and sacred space held by Gillian Alexander of Sacred Touch

For further information about the training contact Gillian. 

The retreat will be held in a magnificent country home on the East Coast of the Isle of Bute, Scotland  starting at 10:30 on Saturday 27th October till 4pm, Thursday 2nd November 2023

Your full investment is £1290, or £1100 if deposit paid no later than 31st May 2023 (organic, vegan meals cooked with love) & very comfortable shared accommodation.  Payment plans are available and special options for two booking togetherYour place is secured by a non-refundable deposit of £600 or by the full payment of £1100/1290.

To book contact Gillian at .


Cancellation & Refund Policy:
Any cancellations must be made by email preferably stating reasons. Once payment has been made the following refund policy shall apply: The deposit of £600 is non refundable. Cancellation 8 weeks prior to event – refund less deposit mentioned above unless participant has someone to take their place. Cancellation 6 weeks prior to event – 50% refund less deposit unless participant has someone to take their place. Thereafter and failing obtaining a replacement participant all fees will be forfeited. This is unless the event is fully booked at which time full refund will be given less administration fee.


The retreat will be lovingly facilitated by Gillian Alexander.

Gillian has been facilitating training for more than 20 years. She has facilitated the Sacred Heart Tantra Group meetings, events and organisation in Scotland since she cofounded it early in 2009. Her background is mainly in science and research (she holds a BSc in Biochemistry and a Masters in Public Health Medicine), in health service facilitation and management and as a shaman, masseuse and Dakini. She is an artful solution finder, motivator and inspirer of others, leading by example in living in her passion and embodying her power. She has studied extensively with Dr Kenneth Ray Stubbs to develop her shamanic infrastructure and shamanic functioning and with Leanne Edwards to support embodiment of this shamanic functioning. She has also studied extensively with Shakti Malan in healing sexual trauma and has taken part in a wide range of training in Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Sexual Healing and Shamanic Practice, including ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) Sacred Sexual Shamanic Practitioner training.


A week of sacred mastery ….


During the retreat we will explore many different tools to truly step into mastery

This program is an outline and some content may change to reflect the interests and pace of the group.


There may be nudity in this class.


How to prepare . . .
Please come with an open heart, an open mind, a sense of humor, a sense of adventure and most importantly the intention to be fully present! .

When to arrive . . .
Each day begins at 7am with morning movement and the morning session begins at 10am and concludes between 5 and 6pm with approx 1 hour lunch break. Practical Exercises will extend into the evenings. Please arrive each morning 5-10 mins before the scheduled start time. .

What is provided . . .
A safe and sacred space for magick to happen. Meals, Accommodation, Tea, & Drinking Water .

What to bring with you . . .
Loose comfortable clothes that you feel good in, temperatures may vary so bring layers. We will be sitting on the floor, dancing, moving and breathing . . . .

You are also encouraged to bring:
a journal/notebook and pen
special back support if you need it
yoga mat
musical instruments
a drum if you have one
sheet blanket/duvet/sleeping bag
large towel and sarong

What is required of you . . .
Your full participation! .

Accommodation . . .
Included on shared basis.

Meals . . .
Three vegetarian meals a day are provided. Please advise of any special dietary requirements at time of booking. .

Gillian – .

Maximum group size: 8 .

Method of Payment . . .
Either by bank transfer or cheque (contact Gillian for details) * Please ensure that all bank charges are deducted from your sending bank so that the full amount is received in GBP, and an admin fee applies to card payments..

Private Sessions . . .
Gillian is available prior to the retreat for Private Shamanic Healing Sessions and/or Sexual Healing. Single session woman Single session man Couple sessions Sessions may be one on one, one on two or two on two.£100.00 per hour (one on one or one on two) £180 per hour (two on one or two on two – Gillian and a colleague) For more info regarding private sessions and consultancies please refer to Sacred Touch website:


Welcome, I look forward to ‘Sacred Mastery’ with you!
In One Heart . . .
Love & Blessings,



For further information please contact Gillian by email on or by phone on 07913 906 343, or see

I am so looking forward to sharing space with you!

Testimonials from previous events:

“What I most appreciate about Gillian’s work is her integrity and her no-nonsense approach to What Is. Combined with a real passion for what she does and deep loving compassion towards others, Gillian creates an incredibly authentic and supportive Sacred Space which invites us to reconnect with our own Truth.

Having attended the Sacred Awakening retreat in Bute, I’m now experiencing the essence of my Truth in a way I have never before experienced it – this Fire in my belly and the Light in my heart is utterly priceless”


“I got so very much from the week’s training. You hold such a beautiful space for healing Gillian – you also provide space (and a safety net, if needed) for self-discovery. I really loved how you delivered each day of the course – you have a deep awareness of your subject matter, and you then created an atmosphere of love, trust, compassion and sometimes humour. Sincerity and honouring of other was palpable. Sharing in the morning circle was relatively easy as I never felt any judgement from you. ” ~ Carole


“This retreat has changed my life. I gained a powerful cleaning of my field and body and the result is a deep joy within myself, self-confidence, a focus on what I want from life and to bring into life. There was an immense building of trust and feeling my sacredness. It allowed me to surrender and to release … I became more of that woman I truly am. I shifted from kneeling and hiding away, to standing on my own two feet and being aware of my sacredness in my heart rather than in my mind. I do feel deeply energized. I recommend this work with Gillian highly. It was the best I could wish for.

I want to let that sink in and work with it first, before I´ll be back for more. Bless you!” ~ JS


“The power in Gillian’s work during Awaken to the Sacred, was in the way it helped me to realise how I could embody all my life experiences (yep even the sh*t ones!) and to acknowledge my whole self (yes all of me – every nook, cranny, shadow and inch!) in a much more loving and genuinely supportive way (cos now I know I’m worth it) For someone like me, at that time, to have attended such a retreat was a massive step! I can’t overstate this enough…..But the space held by Gillian, is incredibly genuine, loving, supportive and safe – and I certainly can’t emphasise this enough. One of the most powerful aspects for me from Awaken to the Sacred, was whilst Gillian’s work is incredibly powerful – it is also very grounding. And so I left the retreat, not only with a sense of elation and freedom (and some fabulous new friends!), but also with a very real sense of my own empowerment; a sense that I am fabulous just as I am, right here, right now! It has certainly catalysed my own path to living in this world, with all its woes and joys, in a much more authentic way, which for me has been hugely supportive and absolutely invaluable” ~ SH


“What I most appreciate about Gillian’s work is her integrity and her no-nonsense approach to What Is. Combined with a real passion for what she does and deep loving compassion towards others, Gillian creates an incredibly authentic and supportive Sacred Space which invites us to reconnect with our own Truth.

Having attended the Sacred Awakening retreat on Bute, I’m now experiencing the essence of my Truth in a way I have never before experienced it – this Fire in my belly and the Light in my heart is utterly priceless”


“I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity to be on Gillian’s Awaken to the Sacred retreat and would highly recommend this! I loved Gillian’s integrity, grounded approach and her ability to hold sacred space, even during, what seemed to me, very challenging moments. I feel I’ve retrieved many parts of myself & released many blocks. I feel a sense of lightness & increased awareness as never before. I look forwards to continuing my journey & hope to be working again with Gillian VERY SOON! “ ~ BHF


“This surely has to be the deepest training of its kind on offer. It is a privilege working with you and witnessing the way you deliver your work with love and integrity. You do push my boundaries but also hold space for me to heal and make my own discoveries. I always get so much from the sharing Circles – both listening and being able to speak my Truth. Your training comes from the heart and I value it so much. Thanks for helping me leave victimhood behind and supporting me in my quest to stand in my Power.

I have much more awareness and comfort around my sexuality; I sense it would be easier now to own what I want and equally what I don’t want. Not once did I feel like a rape victim and that was huge for me – thank you. I can feel the enormous love and compassion within me and I really want to open to that; I do sense that is my true self.”


“Before going on the retreat I knew somewhere deep down that there were a lot of things in my life I had to do – clear out and move on, start offering sessions, but things were holding me back. I cleared a huge amount of things. Money was the main concern when I signed up for this retreat – I felt that I had to be there – I went for it and can openly say it was the best money I have ever spent, even if it was twice the price, I would’ve still gone. It was challenging but I eventually allowed myself to open right up and own who I am in front of others, and to own my power. Thanks to Gillian and all the other fabulous people who held such a safe space. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone.” ~ Beata


“Before the retreat I had become somewhat lost amongst ill-health issues and moving home and didn’t feel fully myself. The moment I received the information about the retreat I knew this was exactly what I needed and the event and everything about it was immensely helpful, stimulating and inspiring – now I am living life so much more fully, joyously and solidly – I’m reconnected! I’ve gained a huge boost to my self-confidence and have been building my life and my business since then” ~ Derby

. .