Private Sessions with Shakti Malan and Aaron Swanson 14th, 15th and 20th August 2012 in Prestwick

Sessions with Shakti Malan and Aaron Swanson

Shakti and Aaron present sessions together to facilitate the full awakening of male and female sexual essence, and the actualizing of the intimate presence that is possible between man and woman. Our understanding is that the outer relationship between man and woman is a mirror of the relationship between one’s inner masculine and feminine. Spiritual awakening requires a deep marriage between the inner masculine and feminine. This marriage will only happen once we a) fully embody our sexual essence as man or woman and b) own and consciously work with our outer relationships with the opposite gender as a mirror for our inner relationship.

Aspects of sexuality

We work with a deeply lived understanding of man and woman’s sexual essence as it manifests on three levels:


• the physical experience of our sex in male and female bodies – the possibilities, the obstacles, and the unique and differentiated nature of male and female sexual pleasure

• the sexual unconscious that is held in sexual fantasy, sexual trauma and body armoring


• the subtle energetics of sexual energy that starts to flow through the body as gross sexual energy gets unblocked, purified and directed

• clearing blocks in the chakras or energy centers to enable the flow of subtle sexual energy

• awakening the etheric body by cultivating deep love in the sexual body


• the pathways that turn sexual energy into a gateway for awakening consciousness, love and spiritual presence

• pathways for cultivating consciousness, love and presence to support spiritual awakening

Two facilitators

Working with Shakti and Aaron offers a unique opportunity in several ways:

• getting the input, feedback and reflection of two teachers who strongly hold male and female essence

• receiving energetic body work from a man and a woman who, through their transmission, can assist in balancing and integrating the masculine and feminine in you

• assisting women in releasing body armoring and moving through blocks and trauma through a conscious encounter with a man facilitated by a woman

• assisting men to move more fully into their sacred sexual potency with the support of a woman but also the knowledge of a male teacher

• being held in love without judgment by two people who have deeply explored sexual intimacy as a gateway to spiritual awakening


• discussion

• dialogue

• subtle energetic bodywork and touch

• gestalt role plays

• focused enactments to integrate unconscious sexual material or release sexual trauma


Sessions are 300 pounds for 2 hours.

We recommend that couples book three hours for a session; the cost is 450 pounds.

Appointment times:

Tuesday 14th August: 10am till 12 noon, 1pm till 4pm (3 hours for a couple)

Wednesday 15th August: 9.30am till 11.30am and 12noon till 2pm (booked)

Monday 20th August: 10am till 12 noon, 1pm till 4pm (3 hours for a couple), 6pm till 8pm

Cancellation policy

50% payment is due for sessions that are canceled  48 hours prior to your booking.

Full payment is due for sessions that are canceled 24 hours prior to your booking.


Sessions take place in Prestwick.  Please contact Gillian for directions and to book on or call on 07913 906 343.


My role as Dakini is to catalyse your awareness. What gets catalysed in you, is yours to own, work with and take responsibility for. My assumption is that clients who are ready for my work have done enough psychological processing to be able to take responsibility for their own experience. I do not take responsibility for your experience or that of anyone else who is associated with you. I work with you within the parameters of the session. If you require further assistance from me, you are welcome to book more time with me. Tantra sessions also do not substitute any medical or psychological support you may be requiring.

To inquire about sessions, contact Shakti at

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