Tender Loving Touch

Artwork by Amy Palko (C)So many people tell me that the only time they receive touch is when they come for a massage.  Many people may go for weeks, months or even years without a hug or a gentle caress.

♥ In these sessions I hold you in a space of unconditional love ♥

It is for this reason that I have designed Tender Loving Touch sessions, where I will gently hug, hold, cradle and caress according to your own desires.  If you would like your hair stroked or your back caressed or tickled then you only have to ask.  And all will be given in unconditional love.

Initial sessions are for a minimum of 90 minutes.
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for these sessions.

I now only offer these sessions as part of a programme to individuals and couples who are truly ready to engage all of themselves and to walk this path in truth.

To apply for a complimentary initial exploratory session and to get more information please contact me here  or email me (gillian@sacred-touch.co.uk)

*** Please note, these are very different sessions from tantra massage sessions.  These session involve no massage. ***

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