I employ a unique and powerful weave of Sacred Touch, Shamanic practice and Truth in my session work…..

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“Your session felt like the completion of a lot of the work I have been doing in myself for a long time
I f
eel ready to move forward as the man I am now not the boy trying to cope with his fate.
Much Love” ~ PS, male client


Shamanic Energy Medicine/ Shamanic Transformation

Einstein once wrote: “nothing can be cured on the level of which it has manifest”, this is why working at the level of the blueprint/limbic imprint/luminous energy field is one of the most powerful and beautiful forms of healing available to us today.

Most sessions begin with a consultation that often leads into an illumination process to release any past trauma and for you to step out of any old stories in order to make space for whatever the soul requires next and the opportunity to embody more of your consciousness.

These sessions vary in focus and content.  They may focus on clearing and rebalancing or they may focus on development and growth of your energy body and Being. more information

Recommended session time: 1 – 2.5 hours

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Sacred De-armouring (physical and energetic)

Throughout our lives we have experienced a miriad of different experiences.  Those which we fully engaged and processed we also let go of.  Those which we feared or were uncertain of we resisted and stored somewhere in our body.  We had the same response to those experiences which we did not value or enjoy.  As a result we have many half lived experienced hidden away in our body and mind, but mainly our body.  We have ‘protected’ each of these with a layer or layers of armour.  That first time we opened our heart to another but were rejected -> another layer of protection around our heart.  That time we shared a secret with someone who did not hold it secret for us – our response to withdraw a little further.  The kicking we took from the bully at school, tucked away in our psyche and stored in our body where we pretend it no longer exists.

We are conscious of some of this armour, but most is subconscious and has been set up in such complex way that we are not aware we have it and certainly have no idea or way of shedding it.  So it disconnects us, firstly from ourselves and connection to Source, secondly from truly connecting with others and thirdly from connecting to joy, love and bliss as this disconnection keeps us numb to feeling/feelings.

Methods & techniques that may be employed . . .

– Energetic dearmouring engaging breath and sound
– Counselling regarding dearmouring through lifestyle changes
– Trigger-point massage (full body dearmouring)

for those needing internal work, sessions may include (not on first sessions)
– Vagina and cervix dearmouring
– Prostate, penis and urethra dearmouring
– Sacred spot massage

Recommended session time 2 – 3 hour

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Ancestral Healing

“And the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons” ~ this is actually a misquote from the Bible, but one that we have held as a truth and have embodied.  We carry the beliefs and patterns of our parents and our parents’ parents, back through many generations.   How much of what you believe to be your own thoughts, beliefs and desires are actually your own; and how many have originated as original ideas from within your Being?

Ancestral Healing is a powerful shamanic technique for releasing these ties that bind us to the past and to other people’s stuff.  In this one day event you will be taken through the process of connecting to your own ancestors, supported in releasing these ties

The process of an Ancestral Healing session is orchestrated through Shamanic Sacred Drama (similar to Family Constellation).

Recommended session time: 2 – 2.5 hours
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for these sessions.


If you book a single session – sessions are charged at £150 hour

To book a session and to get more information please contact me here


Being present with what is and what is truth is the essence of sacred touch.  This is an invitation into Truth
Sacred Touch sessions are an opportunity for you to know yourself more intimately.  I serve to hold a sacred space within which you can safely explore Self.


Sacred Touch Massage

Please note – I no longer offer Sacred Touch (tantra) Massage sessions myself, and recommend Carole George, who offers amazing sessions.

This is a beautiful, powerful practice, and I still offer training to those who are genuinely ready to become a practitioner and to hold a safe and sacred space within which to honour the whole person.

more information

Coaching and Sense of Presence sessions

In these sessions we might use tools such as breathwork, guided visualisation, sacred touch, emotional release and energy work to explore your experience of being, and to support you to reclaim aspects of self and to release patterns that no longer serve, such as stress, illness and dis-ease. more information

Recommended session time: 1 – 2.5 hours

To book a session and to get more information please contact me here

Shadow Sessions

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side, which he never shows to anybody” ~ Mark Twain

These sessions are for anyone who would like to explore both their light and their shadow and who is interested in reclaiming and integrating their full power.

We all have aspects of ourselves, our nature, our being, that we love and are willing to proudly display for all the world to see.  We also have aspects that we find unacceptable, even to ourselves, whether it be emotions such as anger, obsession, lust or our efforts to control others.  It is the latter that we describe as shadow; and the greater our light then the longer our shadow.  We can reject that which we find unacceptable, and also that which we do not feel worthy of, thus rejecting both our shadow and our light and the power therein.

In a session we may use emotional release techniques, touch, movement, sharing of stories and coaching. We will shine light on those aspects of yourself that you have rejected because you believe they are unacceptable and on those gifts which you reject because you believe you are not worthy of them.

To book a session and to get more information please contact me here

My cancellation policy is – cancellation within 2 hours of the session requires payment in full, cancellation 2-24 hours before the session incurs a 50% payment.


Summary of all sessions offered (in the UK or internationally):

Shamanic Soul Sessions (2 – 2.5 Hours)
Are you ready to choose a different way of being?
Often people are called to work with me without a conscious understanding of ‘why’? These sessions cannot be ordered, they are unique to an individual who has done, or is ready to do, their work clearing what is not theirs, is ready to embody more of their own soul consciousness and show up to fulfil their purpose for being here at this time.

Sacred De-Armouring (2 Hours)
Are you ready to release what is holding you back?

De-armouring is a subtle, profound process that helps us release pain and trauma and blockages stored within the physical, emotional and energetic bodies.  These can be stored deep within our bodies and, over the years, we build up layers of ‘armour’ to keep the pain hidden and prevent us from having to deal with the source.    These sessions allow you to release and clear these blocks from your body and their impact throughout time and space, and allowing you to integrate more of your fractured self and claim your wholeness.

Shamanic Clearing And Embodiment (2 – 2.5 Hours)
Is today the day you step into your power?

Is it is time to step out of the story and clear the energetic imprint of previous trauma and programming from this life and/or others and integrate it on a physical/cellular level?  Are you ready to reclaim all that life force that is being diverted into the drama? This is an essential process for us to recover our freedom and birth-right and take full responsibility for the reality we are creating. 

Sexual Healing (2 – 3.5 Hours)
How does sexuality feel when it is true, innocent and powerful?

you have a sense that there is more to sex than you are told? You remember a time, when you were young, when sex was wild and free and innocent and pure … and powerful? Then came culture, porn and peer pressure.  We may explore what sexuality is to you.  We likely will clear the imprints of past trauma.  We will take the opportunity to explore what sex and sexuality is in your essence, and what is possible when we return to this power and truth of who you are.

Ancestral Healing: Awakening Your Empowered Lineage (2-3 Hours)
Are you ready to heal your own ancestral lineage? 

This one-day experiential workshop offers you the space to claim the gifts from your lineage and your ancestors, and to shed those imprints and patterns that block or do not serve you well in life.  You learn to use this powerful, yet simple process, in a very practical workshop that can transform your life. You will learn the techniques and receive healing of your own ancestral lineage.

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