In addition to a very small number of Apprenticeships, and Residential Training Retreats and short workshops, I provide training in Sacred Touch massage.

My work is tailored very much to the individual.

Sacred Touch (Tantra) massage training

This can be provided for an individual or a couple, or two individuals who choose to train together. It can be provided for the novice or for someone who wishes to practice Sacred Touch massage professionally. For someone wishing to train to practice professionally it is advisable to have some prior knowledge and experience of basic massage, but I can also provide basic massage training.

The training will encompass basic massage strokes and an example of a professional tantra massage routine, including an honouring ritual and yoni and lingham massage.

It will also include the following, as well as specific aspects that you might want covered:
– creating, and opening and closing sacred space
– an introduction to energy structures and dynamics.
– breath work and using breath to focus intent
– boundaries
– client care
– practical issues, including oils and equipment
– ethics, and personal safety and self care.

I am also doing some very powerful intuitive work now and if you would like some guidance in working this way this can be included.

My basic rate for a day of tantra massage training for two people training together is £400 per person, or £700 for one person, if that one person brings their own model. For two days training it is £550 per person for two people training together, or £1050 for one, and for each additional day it is an additional £250 per person for two people training together and £450 for one person training alone. For someone who is wanting training to go on to practice professionally the absolute minimum is two days training for this, though preferably you should invest a minimum of three days for this. If you wish to train alone and do not have someone you can bring as a model I can recommend both female and male models, but they do charge a fee for this.

Gillian’s training course is absolutely fantastic. I love her warm and generous open heart and find her a delight to be with. I feel deeply and sincerely encouraged by her to  be who I really am and to value the unique qualities I have to offer in tantra massage. The course content is detailed and clear and her practical teaching methods are sensitive and thorough. I highly recommend Gillian’s tantra massage course. ~ Nicola Williams

I loved the natural ease and flow of the way you work, as well as the goddess ambience which was created by and between the three of us.  I also gained very much from your entire ‘can do’ attitude, and absolute confidence in me, which in turn, gave me confidence in myself.  That was enormously valuable!  Thank you so, so much. ~ LJ

Gillian, you are really good at creating an environment that feels safe and comfortable in which I can feel at ease to experiment and learn. You have the gift to know how to give enough of a nudge to learn without being pushy. The way you open your home and your heart to share this wonderful experience is an inspiration. The way you held us for this weekend was very professional and just wonderful. Looking back I can’t believe the amount of work I (we) manage to do, so many things have shifted within myself. It wouldn’t have been possible without your special, loving, gentle care. You contacted me a few times after the course to check how I was doing and how Tantra was developing for me. That really shows how deep and genuine your care is for your students. I feel really privileged to be your student and I hope to learn much more from you. ~ LA

Basic massage training

This one day training is for anyone who would like to feel more confident to introduce massage to their interaction with friends, family and partners.  You will be introduced to the principles of massage and learn some simple strokes as part of an introductory massage routine.  Most importantly you will have the opportunity to practice this connection with another and to gain confidence in giving a massage that is a pleasure to receive.   The massage will be given using oils and with the recipient unclothed, but draped, using towels.  You will be working in pairs and practicing on a fellow workshop participant.  If you have ever thought you would like to work with others through the medium of touch this would be an opportunity for you to learn how.

“I would recommend this introduction to massage course as it is a good start for anyone who is unsure if massage is for them. It is a practical ‘hands on’ (pardon the pun) course, which takes you through the do’s and don’t of massage for the beginner.

I found the course helpful as it improved my body awareness and confidence in massage as a therapeutic activity. I found the course well structured whilst being relaxed, with time for questions and feedback in a supported environment. I found Gillain to be a great teacher and mentor and felt completely comfortable with her direction and instruction. The course was a good length and gave me the confidence to use massage at home and with friends. I felt it was well worth my time and money and a very enjoyable way to begin some body work. I will certainly look for follow on courses now and would encourage those who are unsure to try this course out.” ~ Audrey

This was a rewarding and enjoyable day spent learning the basics of massage. The tuition was mainly practical and we worked one to one with Gillian demonstrating and guiding us. Her approach was very gentle and sympathetic as we gradually acquired the confidence to give a massage.   I learned a lot from the day and I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to give a simple therapeutic massage to their friends or family. ~ JF


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