Sacred Touch massage

Please note – I no longer offer Sacred Touch (tantra) Massage sessions myself, and recommend Carole George, who offers amazing sessions.

This is a beautiful, powerful practice, and I still offer training to those who are genuinely ready to become a practitioner and to hold a safe and sacred space within which to honour the whole person.

For those who are ready to meet themselves in their wholeness, Sacred Touch massage is a beautiful way to celebrate them in their totality.  For those seeking instant gratification  then this is not for them.  (There are sensual massages described as ‘tantra massage’)

Sacred Touch massage is a series of sacred rituals that invite you into full embodied awareness and experience, and can support the reintegration of sexuality, spirituality, and sensuality. This is an opportunity for you to relax, and open to receiving.

We will open the session by opening sacred space between us and from there I am in service to your Being and to your greater good and follow this energy and guide you through your own process.

This “is a mystery tradition that is known as a fast path for seekers of truth. One of the reasons why it is so powerful, is that it includes every aspect of our being – and so, too, our sexuality. When sexual energy is included it adds tremendous power to our ability to wake up, this moment, to the truth of who we really are.” (Shakti Malan)

We may begin with some breathing and connection, to connect energetically and to take ourselves fully into our bodies.  I may then honour you, the receiver, in an honouring ritual to fully connect to your divine self.  You may then be invited to lie face down on the futon where you will receive a deeply relaxing massage of the back, before you turn onto your back and receive a massage of the front of the body, including all parts of your body, but to your own level of comfort.  The whole massage is carried out in a very safe, sacred, loving and warm space, using generous amounts of warm, scented vegetable oil.



“Gillian is a highly accomplished Tantra masseuse who brings together her skills in the area of massage with her deep understanding of people, their fears and the problems that we all tend to hide, even from themselves. The room she uses for massage treatments has, for me at least, a very calming and relaxing atmosphere. Together with Gillian’s outgoing and inherently loving personality this atmosphere leads, in a very short time, to a state of complete relaxation that I very seldom experience in any other way. Breathing patterns are central to achieving such a state. Gillian takes time to explain this and provides gentle direction and guidance about how best to reach the level of relaxation needed. Once that level has been reached she then develops the breathing processes further during the actual massage and through these, I think, come the real benefits.
Having visited Gillian several times over a period of about a year I can say that her massage treatments are never the same on two occasions. They have also evolved according to how she has interpreted my needs on each visit. Her treatments are different from Tantra massage experiences that I have had elsewhere and I can say, without doubt, that Gillian is in the top league. She is tactful, friendly, and highly professional in her approach. She also has a great sense of humour that helps put people at ease very quickly in situations that could otherwise be a little stressful.”
~ male client, sacred touch massage and intuitive session.

“Hi Gillian, I know its been a while but I wanted to drop you a line and say that your massage helped me a lot – its given me a lot to think about and to actually be able to spend time with someone that was not connected to me with relationship issues – to actually find the break to relax and just let go without any performance worries. You were able to break a cycle and give me hope …. Being able to discuss and get through the barriers that seemed to add to the stresses and trials that maintaining a healthy sex life requires.
So once again thank you for your massage and thank you for treating me with the respect and tenderness that you did. The massage was astounding ! It was on different levels too – actually leaving the orgasmic quest for a deeper experience concentrating on the sensuality and the depth of the experience –  moving from a goal based to an emotional platform.
Once again thanks for what you initiated.”
~ male client, sacred touch massage

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