How can it all be about lions and dentists? …. Scotland’s First Ever Festival of Consciousness


The recent debacle with the killing of Cecil the lion indicates far more than a dentist with enough money to pay guides to find a lion and lure it for him to shoot an arrow into. What goes on in the mind of someone to do this? And what does this say of the local guides who are willing to offer up their increasingly rare indigenous animals? There are so many other stories behind this story that involve far more than lions and dentists and have one common theme; how willing are we each to remain conscious of the impact of our actions? It is said that a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in Central Park, and whilst this may not in fact be completely true, it stands to reason that each of our actions has an impact that we could only imagine.

This is a time where more and more people are beginning to question where their food comes from, why our land is being treated with such disregard, and what is their own part in all of this. And it is a time when many of us are asking with increasing urgency ‘is this what it is truly about?’ Are we truly destined to be born, to work with the bit between our teeth till we fall down exhausted or die, or maybe, if we get lucky, we may die peacefully in our sleep? Is there really no more? And is there no more to our relationships than the convenience of a companion and someone to share the bills with that many of us experience? This undoubtedly Orwellian model that many, if not most of us, experience, is despised, and yet we unconsciously find ourselves there. How did this happen? How many of us, watched our parents draining their very life force into this system, and swore not to walk the same path, and yet find themselves in the very same place, but with more new fangled gadgets? Now we have so many more options to distract or to numb ourselves out; sugar and fat laden foods with little to no nutritional value, TV, internet, unthinking over-activity and workaholism, or porn or unconscious sex. And this is before we totally lose our focus by worrying about debt or ill-health.

There are those who would like to choose a new, and more conscious, way. There are those who would like to know what is in the food they eat and that it will actually nurture them, rather than simply fill a space. There are those who would choose to connect to the land they live upon, to grow their own food, to feel the connection to the seasons, and to feel the grounding benefits of their bare feet upon the earth. And there are those who would like to have depth and intimacy in their relationships.

Where can anyone seek help to bring these changes into their lives?

The Festival of Consciousness in Newbold House in Forres, a small town in the north of Scotland, later this month, may seem just another slightly quirky event. In fact, there is nothing else out there like this and it is truly leading edge. It is an event which offers the opportunity for participants to begin to explore their own relationship with the land, with their food, and with themselves. It is an event that invites participants to consider what is the impact of their own wing beats upon the offspring of Cecil the lion, or dentists in Minnesota. It is an event which invites participants to begin to truly live life in awareness of their impact on all those around them and those who they will never meet. It is not just another quirky event; it is an event which is vital and needed.

If you wish to attend the event, please contact Gillian to arrange.

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