Saying ‘no more’

080And the honesty piece rears up again!

There are so many hiding behind masks of ‘love’ and ‘tantra’ and ‘sacred’.

Yes, sexuality has become exceedingly distorted in our societies.  To me, sexuality is one of the most pure and sacred ways we can come to know ourself and to know the Divine.  It is also one of the most potent ways that we have access to our own soul.  We do not need another being to engage our own sexuality.

I see people all around me going outside of themselves to find this most sacred aspect of themselves.  How can this ever be possible?   Within our healthy body our organs work perfectly, but if we perceived a malfunction in one of our organs and we were to take our liver or our heart outside our body and give it to another to show us how to make it work properly – does that work? Obviously not!  We cannot entrust another with the task of knowing our own soul. We may be able to see ourself more clearly in the mirror of another, but we must retain responsibility for our own self.

And I see many who present themselves as guides on these journeys.  And I see many preying on the power and energy of others.  And I am no longer able to stay silent in this.  I see powerful female friends becoming weak and sick as they are fed upon by their partners.  I see clients raped by practitioners.  And I see sacred words like ‘tantra’ being used in sales pitches.  For me, watching sex and sexuality being used in sales is also offensive.

I keep hoping that folks will see through the illusion, and yet again and again I see those who abuse others being praised and revered.

As individuals and as a collective we still seem to want to give our power to those who would abuse us.  I am no different in this.  What is this about!

I do see lights of hope and of more and more people waking up and saying ‘no more’.

I have known of friends who have had sessions with practitioners and those practitioners have then had sex with them when, regardless of what the client said, their body was dry and not giving consent – sex without consent is rape.  These practitioners are still ‘teaching’ and being lauded as great advocators of love and supposed world leaders in ‘tantra’.  I find this offensive.  Do you?

For obvious reasons I am not naming names here.  Many may know people who they may relate this directly to.  In fact names do not matter.

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