Welcoming the New Year and an Invitation to a Celebration of Life this Sunday, 21st December, 2014


DunureThe Celtic Festival and Sabbat of Yule; the Winter Solstice; Christmas; Hanukkah; Hogmanay: whatever you celebrate at this time, in the northern hemisphere, it is the time of the longest night after which we welcome the coming of the light and the new year. This is a time for looking inwards and for reflection. It is a time when many animals hibernate and even those who don’t, including humans, feel their pace slow and the urgency of life seem to soften. How many of you reading this have felt mornings where the warmth of a cosy bed is so much more appealing than clawing your way to work or through shops for Christmas shopping?

I love this time. It is such an invitation to slow and to be. It feels an invitation to slow down and to listen and to see all that we have experienced in the past year – how many first times have there been for you this year? First meetings with people who now feel important to you. First times for things that feel like achievements. First times for things that feel they have taught you a big lesson. And first times for things that have simply been a pleasure to experience. And how many things that you love have you been able to do more of?

We are also invited to look forward into the opening of the new year and to choose what we would like to call towards ourselves in that time.

This is a time of death and rebirth, of trust, of metamorphosis, of resting and preparing and looking forward to the new year.

And this is such a powerful time to be engaging these energies. I have always felt immense power from the lands of Scotland and deep wisdom and have sensed that when the time was right the lands would make this wisdom available. And the people of this land are also powerful. If feels as if they are beginning to recognise this within them – and the sleeping dragon is beginning to waken.

This cominNYNewMoon_Fireg Sunday, 21st December, falls on the Winter Solstice and the Celtic festival of Yule. I’m holding a lovely space open for a Celebration of Yule and the Winter Solstice during the day in Glasgow (£60). In the evening you are invited to a fire ceremony on Prestwick beach to cast that which no longer serves into the flames and to call in the support of the land and the elements in all you choose to manifest in the forthcoming year (this fire-ceremony is gifted). For those of you who are not wanting to go out amongst the elements then Anthea Simpson and Peter Halley are offering ‘A Candle-lit Evening’, a yoga and sound immersion, in Yoga Healing from 6:30pm – it’s currently fully booked, but there may be a waiting list if you ask Anthea nicely:o) And anyone going to Anthea and Peter’s evening will be eligible for a £5 discount for my playshop during the day.

It’s a lovely group already gathering for Sunday and I’d love to have you join us, but either way I hope you have a magical time and sending you much love at this potent time of year….


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