Mainstreaming Sexuality

Gillian Alexander, Sacred TouchOK, I’ve been a card-carrying member of Hiders Anonymous! So many folks (eg people I meet in coaching groups) have said to me ‘I’m not sure what exactly you do and you are more than a bit evasive and cagey about it’. The main reason has been as I have been still feeling into what it is exactly that I am offering. I can offer many things and I’m really good at lots of things, but then aren’t most of us!

Speaking to a colleague recently at the end of our mastermind group call I got some clarity that a big part of what I’m now about is mainstreaming sexuality. We are all sexual beings, and yet most of us have been trained into complete denial of this – leading to massive stresses and distortions in us individually and in our communities and how we relate to each other. And as our sexuality is our main creative force it impacts hugely on how we express ourselves and deliver our gifts to the world.

We are sexual beings in the same way as we are breathing beings. Yet we seem to think it’s ok to shut our sexuality down and only express it on limited occassions and only when someone else is present – it’s like saying that we will only breath on Fridays or on the 2nd of each month or on public holidays and then only when our beloved is present and wearing that particularly fetching number … or whatever! And in the same way that we cannot shut our breathing down, we can’t actually shut our sexuality down, but we just make it really unhealthy, like hyperventilating all the time. Both are stressful!

I’ve been doing a lot of work with students and clients recently, supporting them to come back into alignment with their own sexuality, so that it is ok to express themselves as sexual beings, for example by walking down the street feeling sexy, or channelling that creative energy into a work project, or just relaxing and enjoying it, and mainly feeling a much greater acceptance of themselves, greater ease and comfort in themselves and with others, and less anger and frustration.

So this week, I’m hoping on Thursday, if I can get the technology sussed, I will be offering a hour-long free webinar:

Mainstreaming Sexuality Webinar

If this sound like your kind of thing, I’ll send further information about how to sign up very soon – I look forward to seeing you there …..

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