Beltane and Scorpio Full Moon Fire ceremony

Beltane marks the end of the Celtic winter and the beginning of the Celtic summer.  The beginning of the Beltane celebration is traditionally marked with a huge fire to shed light on all shadow, those aspects of ourself that we hide from others, so that it may be illuminated, and then to jump the fire.  Traditionally a fire ceremony would be held on the night of the full moon, which this year will be on the evening of Thursday April 25th in the sign of Scorpio, the sign that is all about seeing into the darkness and illuminating it!

This simple fire ceremony can be carried out using the flame of a candle on the kitchen table. You are also welcome to come to Shanti Shala in Plympton, MA where we will build a fire (expected to start from 7pm on Friday 26th April).

I suggest that you make two lists:
1. The first list is a list of those things in you and your life that you might have been choosing to cloak from being seen by others. These may be material things, like the clutter or disorder in your home, or they may be unhelpful emotions or coping mechanisms, such as biting your nails. The invitation is to share these openly with your friends and to ask for their support to keep them in the light till you let them go.  I like to let go of things with gratitude in recognition that these things have served us in some way. Find a pretty sheet of paper, or a plain sheet of paper which you can then decorate. Alternatively I’ve attached a pdf with some decorative borders that you can use if you have a colour printer. Then write down all those things which you feel more comfortable to keep hidden. Write them with recognition for how they have served you. Then on the evening of the fire ceremony, read the list through, allowing yourself to connect fully to each item and when you feel ready hold the page over the fire and gift each item on the list to the flame.  The tradition of Beltane is then to jump the fire, to signify that you move into the light.

2. The second list will include all those things you are choosing to cocreate in the coming year. This is such a potent time of fertility that the invitation is to use this energy in your creation. You could simply create a list of goals, such as ‘travel to Iceland’, ‘visit family in Australia’, ‘climb a Munro’, ‘run a marathon’. You could even create a type of list of your own creation.  Do what feels good for you  Again you can use the borders in the pdf file to make your own ‘pretty paper’ for these, or else you can decorate your own. I then suggest that you post your list of goals etc where you see them every day.

♥ Whatever you choose to do I wish you many blessing & great prosperity in this year ♥

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