So what’s the deal with the bucket?

Red bucketSo what’s the deal with the bucket?

This is an analogy that I share with many clients and it seems to work for them.

But first I invite you to check in with your own energy and your own power – where is it and what is it doing?  If you have no clue what on earth I mean by this then you are not alone!  If you know what I mean but have no idea where your energy or power are then you are also not alone!  And if you have a sense of what I mean and also a sense of what is happening with your own power and your own energy then please go and select a suitable reward in recognition of your own awareness – you rock!

So what about the bucket?

To me, energy and power and money are all effectively the same – they are all forms of energy.  Money is a great analogy for power and energy as our minds and brains seem happy to relate to the concept of money, and often less so to the more elusive and indefinable concepts of personal energy and personal power.

So imagine that you go out one day and buy a brand new shiny bucket, and imagine also that you have a front garden/front yard that is grassed over and is open to the road, and the road is a busy, pedestrian road, with people walking their dogs, walking to work, and kids playing football.  So you take you new bucket and place in on the grass in your front garden/yard, fairly close to the road with folks regularly walking by.  And imagine that any money you receive that you don’t immediately know what to spend on, you put in the bucket – It’s pay day and you buy some groceries, pay your rent and buy that pair of shoes you wanted, and what’s left goes in the bucket… Your friend returns some money that you lent them, and you have no immediate need for that money so you put it in the bucket … You win £10 on the Lotto, and can’t immediately think what to spend it on, so you put it in the bucket… It’s your birthday and your aunty is uncharacteristically generous and gives you £50 but you can’t think what you want to buy with it, so you put it in the bucket….   Every bit of money you receive that you can’t immediately spend, you put in the bucket….

So how long does the money stay in the bucket – with folks, old and young walking past at regular intervals and seeing an unmarked bucket of money with no obvious purpose – especially those who really need some money to make up their rent, or to buy shoes for their kids or to buy that new bike they have seen in the shop?  A year? A month? 5 minutes? Or maybe you believe it will stay there till you need it?

What happens when your electricity bill comes in and you go to the bucket to collect the money to pay it?  What are you likely to find?

And before judging others, what would you do if you were wandering along the street and there were a couple of £20 notes lying in the road; apparently discarded?

This is exactly what most of us do with our own personal power and personal energy!  We often don’t know immediately what we need it for so we put it in our metaphorical buckets or just leave it lying around and it is up for grabs to anyone who takes a fancy to it!

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