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Private sessions

At the center of my work as a Dakini is private sessions work. A session is an opportunity for you to sit in the fire of presence and to have your awareness be powerfully catalyzed. To see a detailed description of the goals, objectives and outcomes of sessions, see

Do sessions involve sensual/ tantric/ erotic massage?

No, my focus in not tantric massage.


What happens in a session?

The purpose of a private session is to catalyze your awareness to the next level of what you are ready for. How this happens and what it entails depends on how I read your energetic, emotional and physical bodies at the time that you arrive for the session. I listen to your words, but I also feel into your nervous system and your energetic field. From this place, I make an assessment as to what would be the most potent course of action for our session. Sessions are therefore not pre-planned and they are highly individualized. I use a huge range of modalities that include

– counciling and discussion
– conscious bodywork
– breathwork
– guided meditation
– processwork psychology
– shamanic techniques
– yogic and taoist movement techniques
– nervous system repatterning
– enactment, embodiment, roleplay, movement and sounding
– venting and other forms of emotional exploration

My role: Dakini

Dakini is a Tibetan word for a woman who teaches the deep mysteries of Tantra. Her sexuality and her whole being is devoted to the Divine/Existence/your awakening. She uses the power of the feminine, including feminine sexuality, to shatter illusions and bring the client closer to the truth of who s/he is. Being a Dakini is a deep calling that takes a lifetime of preparation, as the Dakini’s own being is the main vehicle through which the catalyzing happens. By doing her own inner work, the Dakini becomes able to accurately read and potently respond to the awareness needs of the client. For that she uses both ordinary and extraordinary perception and abilities. The Dakinis of our school are initiated by Swami Rahasya and we are members of the Advait Tantraschool; see

Who are sessions for?

Sessions are for seekers of truth who are serious about waking up – this lifetime. Be warned that this work is highly catalytic and not for the faint hearted. For the highly sensitive, yes. For those committed to feeling everything, yes. For those who are willing to show up and not hide from any aspect of their being, yes. For thrill seeking escapists ? no.

Solo or couples?

Tantra sessions are accessible for individuals or couples. The focus is on the awakening of the individual, which supports what is possible in a partnership in terms of opening to awareness. When partners can support each other in this work and practice the meditations together, this can accelerate the awakening of both. But be warned: Tantric work will also confront any illusions that the relationship may be supporting. The reason to come for a Tantra session is a deep desire – from both partners – to live in truth.

Men and women?

I do as much session work with women as I do with men. The modalities that we use in sessions may be different for men than for women, but the sessions are equally powerful and catalytic for both genders.

In work with women, I sometimes suggest sessions with Daka Stephen Tredrea, my colleague. We often do sessions with women together, which give women an unusual opportunity to integrate and confront issues to do with intimacy, masculinity and femininity.

Gay or straight?

Seekers of all sexual orientations are welcome in this work. If your orientation is same-sex, a key element of the teaching will be to show you who to work with inner male-female polarities in yourself and your partner.

Do sessions involve sex?

Tantra is not an advanced form of sex work, and also not another version of sexology. If you just want a sexual condition addressed and are not willing to look deeply into your perceptions of love, security, belonging and identity – then rather look for a suitable sexologist.

Tantra is a mystery tradition that is known as a fast path for seekers of truth. One of the reasons why it is so powerful, is that it includes every aspect of our being – and so, too, our sexuality. When sexual energy is included in meditation practice, it adds tremendous power to our ability to wake up, this moment, to the truth of who we really are.

Tantrikas work with sexuality in two ways
– As a gateway to access what is in the unconscious and
– As a vehicle for deepening presence.

Is there a set curriculum?

You can approach sessions from two angles: The traditional method is to arrive as you are, and to let the Dakini act as catalyst for what is most ready to open in you in this moment. This approach is very organic, and works with the basic assumption that life is your teacher who decides on the curriculum from moment to moment.

Another, more structured approach, is to come for a series of sessions. The purpose here is to be introduced to some of the basics of Tantric practice in a way that still is individualized in a private session format. I suggest a series of 6 – 8 sessions at 2 – 3 week intervals for this purpose. The themes that your learning will be focused on are:

– Accessing vital life force/chi/ sexual energy
– Preparing your physical, emotional and psychic being for the flow of kundalini (vital life force)
– Embracing desires and fears
– Deepening your capacity for experience
– Developing kinesthetic intelligence and dropping body armoring
– Conscious use of breath, the Tantric way
– Raising sexual energy up the chakras

What do wear to a session?

Wear comfortable, loose clothes – preferably not tight around the belly, and not rigid like jeans.

British rates:

100 – 150 pounds an hour, at your discretion. Since I am only in town for a short while, I suggest you book a two hour session.

Session length

A one hour session is an introductory or follow-up consultation only, with no practical work. Regular sessions which involve in-depth personal work, are two hours on average, and can go up to five hours, depending on the depth and intensity of catalysing that your being is willing for at the time of the session.
Couple sessions are usually three hours.

Payment is due for the full time that sessions are booked for. If you arrive late, session cost is still calculated from the agreed starting time.


Please email me on to arrange a time.

Cancellation policy

50% payment is due for sessions that are cancelled 48 hours prior to your booking.

Full payment is due for sessions that are cancelled 24 hours prior to your booking.


Sessions take place in Prestwick.  Please contact Gillian for directions and to book on or call on 07913 906 343.


My role as Dakini is to catalyse your awareness. What gets catalysed in you, is yours to own, work with and take responsibility for. My assumption is that clients who are ready for my work have done enough psychological processing to be able to take responsibility for their own experience. I do not take responsibility for your experience or that of anyone else who is associated with you. I work with you within the parameters of the session. If you require further assistance from me, you are welcome to book more time with me. Tantra sessions also do not substitute any medical or psychological support you may be requiring.

To inquire about sessions, contact Shakti at

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