07/12/2012: An Offering

We live in powerful times.  Not for hundreds of thousands or hundreds of millions of years, depending on who is telling you, has there been this level of intensity of the Earth Being’s energy.  And people are feeling this.  Some are aware that they are feeling it and some tell me that ‘it’s all normal’.  But how many of you have been feeling like life is spinning out of your control, or how many of you have experienced stuff you thought you had dealt with coming back to grip you by the throat?

And I have been working with people to support them through these processes and times.  And I have known that I need to be available to do more.  I’ve been keeping my diary fairly clear for the last few months and most of this year I have been very aware of the need to be flexible and available.  This month I am not offering any fixed bookings and am open to work with others as they need me.

It is as if any schedule or structure is requiring to be dismantled and for us to really show up, be present and be with what is truth in the moment.

And this evening I had been offering an event that had been scheduled; the monthly meeting of the Sacred Heart Tantra group, which usually meets on the first Friday of the month.  But these times are not usual.  So unsurprisingly there were a couple of cancelations this morning and I was considering cancelling the meeting itself.  Then I spoke to a friend in Dubai and they were feeling physically very out of balance, with all the symptoms of flu.  I felt to offer to do a bit of work with them and within ten minutes they told me they were not only feeling much better and much clearer but also that they had gained clarity on what they needed to do in the moment.

And I also gained clarity – that I need to still hold the space in Yoga Healing Glasgow this evening for folks to come into a safe and held space and for me to support them in their transition.

So this is an opportunity opening for anyone in the Glasgow area or able to get to Glasgow this evening to come and receive some support in what you are experiencing now, supporting your own transformation; centring, growth and unfolding.  This is offered with deep, sincere and unconditional love.

I look forward to seeing you this evening.

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